Northstar School is a K-8th grade Islamic school in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded in 2002, Northstar has grown from a student body of 7 students, to one of over 130 diverse and eager, young Muslim learners. Northstar has earned a reputation as a pioneer and role model in Islamic schooling, employing a range of cutting edge and time-tested educational methods.  With a dynamic curriculum that integrates classical Islamic sciences with a first-rate academic program, Northstar aims to nurture the “mind, body, and spirit” of its children.

the northstar mission

Our program aims to promote human excellence by cultivating students, in every grade level, who possess: a well-trained mind, healthy body, good manners, and exceptional character. By using a combination of both traditional Islamic teaching methods as well as modern methods of education, along with the duas (supplications) and commitment of the Northstar Community, we are confident these goals can be accomplished.


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