We believe that children have the right to be inspired by their peers and educators in a learning environment that is both conducive to learning as well as one that fosters human excellence. We believe that Northstar School is not only a learning institute but also a community. Our teachers will inspire students daily to follow an Islamic way of life, first by example and then through instruction; they are primarily responsible for creating an ideal Islamic class environment.

Our parents will contribute to the school’s efforts by volunteering their time and talents to achieve this shared vision; they are responsible for creating an ideal Islamic home environment. Our board and staff will work together to manage the school by remaining informed of student, teacher, and parent affairs on a consistent basis; they are responsible for creating an ideal administrative and physical environment, working within the guidelines of Islam.


  • Strong Academic Curriculum
  • Classical and Practical Islamic Curriculum
  • Inspired teaching methods
  • Strong Emphasis on Character Development
  • Strong Parent Involvement
  • Parenting Education Classes
  • School Community Events, Celebrations & Outings


  • 40 Day Ramadan Challenge
  • “In Praise of the Prophet” Poetry Contest
  • Annual School Play and Recital
  • Children’s Art Festival and Gallery
  • Multi-Cultural Week & Cultural Celebration
  • Read-a-Thon & Reading Celebration
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