Philosophy and Goals


We believe that every child has their own unique genius, and that our endeavor is about awakening and nourishing the brilliant, inquisitive spirit and intellect in every child. We believe by having a limited number of students per classroom, each student can be given the individual attention they deserve. We believe that children have the right to be inspired by their peers and educators in a learning environment that is both conducive as well as fosters human excellence. We believe that Northstar School is not only a learning institute but also a community. We encourage parents and community members to participate in this endeavor and share with us the blessings of continuous charity.



  • Establish a learning environment that supports and enriches the school’s children
  • Successfully deliver an age-appropriate curriculum based upon an understanding of the developmental, emotional, and educational needs and abilities of the school’s children
  • Provide a strong foundation in the fundamentals of Language Arts and Math
  • Enrich the curriculum with monthly units in Science & History
  • Foster environmental stewardship by incorporating activities that connect children to nature
  • Ignite a passion for lifelong learning
  • Teachers: Inspire students daily to follow an Islamic way of life, first by example and then through instruction; they are primarily responsible for creating an ideal Islamic class environment.
  • Parents: Contribute to the school’s efforts by supporting their children’s leanring and volunteering their time and talents to achieve this shared vision.
  • Board and staff: work together to manage the school by remaining informed of student, teacher, and parent affairs on a consistent basis.
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