Our curriculum is based on a combination of old values and new ideas. We have created a teaching method that revives traditional teaching styles from the past and couples it with modern education advancements. With this combination of old values and new ideas, we hope to set new standards for education. Our academic concentrations are on core subjects such as Math, English, Science, and History. However, we also emphasize subjects from the oral and cognitive sciences such as ethics, logic, reasoning, rhetoric, and speech. Overall, our curriculum places strong emphasis on both Islamic & Academic educations.

Western Academic Subjects

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Classical History
  • Arts & Hand Crafts
  • Physical Education

Islamic Curriculum

  • Recitation and Memorization of Qur’an
  • Islamic Studies
  • Character Development
  • Seerah of the Prophet (sal Allahu Alaiyhe wa’sallam)
  • Arabic

We know that every child is unique and responds to differing stimuli. Our method is modified to treat each child’s individual needs while they work and grow in a healthy peer environment. We look forward to working with your child and shaping the future of tomorrow with the hard work of today!

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