Admissions Overview

As salamu alaykum and welcome,

We appreciate your interest in our school!

Northstar School is proving Islamic education can be combined successfully with high-quality academics. We have developed a respectful, caring, and diverse school culture where our students, in Kindergarten through 8th grade tackle a challenging academic and Islamic curriculum and are often eager to learn more. Those who have been involved with Northstar School know that it can be challenging to add so many new subjects in the school day, however when they meet and get to know our students they see confident, collaborative and respectful individuals who share a deep passion for learning.

To many parents, the task of finding the right school for their child can be challenging. At Northstar, we want our admission process to be clear and we want our communications with prospective families to be welcoming, helpful and responsive. We seek students and families who are a great fit with the Northstar educational philosophy and its involved, inclusive community.

We hope that the admission information provided on these pages is helpful and clear.


Please feel free to contact us at (510) 397.1501 or email us at, if we can provide any additional information. We look forward to meeting you.

– The Northstar Staff

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