Financial Aid

Northstar School provides need-based financial assistance to qualified families.  If you feel you may be qualified to receive Financial Aid, please complete and submit a Financial Aid Application to the Northstar office by the deadline.  Northstar’s Financial Aid committee will determine each applicant’s eligibility and the amount to be granted, if any, based on a standardized criteria set for that purpose.


Please download and fill out the Financial Aid Application Form, providing all information requested. Along with the completed Financial Aid application, families must provide the following supporting documentation for financial aid consideration:

  1. Tax returns for the last 2 years
  2. Pay stubs for 2 months


  • Current Northstar families need to re-apply every year and must submit their Financial Aid applications by April 1st.
  • New Northstar families should submit their applications ASAP, as Financial Aid allocations will be limited to available funds and earliest submissions will be prioritized for consideration.
  • All applications will be prioritized for consideration by time of submission and whether or not the applicant also applied to the below additional financial aid resources.


Applicants who have also applied to one or more of the below external financial aid programs will be given prioritized consideration for Northstar financial aid.

*  Be sure to apply prior to the above programs’ deadlines in order to be eligible for consideration.


  • Submission of an application does not guarantee a financial aid reward.
  • Requests for financial aid do not influence consideration for admittance to Northstar.
  • Incomplete applications with missing documentation will not be considered for financial aid.
  • Personal information submitted for review will be confidential and all supporting documents will be returned to the family after review.
  • Aid can be withdrawn at any time if a family is not current in all payments to the school.
  • Northstar Financial aid is funded largely through Zakat donations from the community.

For questions please contact the Northstar office or email

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