Admissions Criteria

Northstar’s admissions process considers a wide range of factors when assessing potential students and their families.  A mixture of all of these key areas come into consideration for our admissions and waiting list assignment.


The student applicant’s academic record and behavior history are key considerations in our admissions process.  We do not want to put any student in a situation that is not an appropriate match for them.  At Northstar we aim to create a learning environment where every student is equipped to achieve and succeed.


The main criteria that we look at with any new student potentially entering in Northstar is his/her parents. The parents are the first and primary teacher for any child. We believe that parents’ commitment to their children’s education is the most important factor in the success of any student. Parents and the school need to work together to help the student develop through love, lots of attention, and sacrifice. We look at how the parents may be able to support the needs and aims of the Northstar student, particularly in creating the right home environment for their children.


There are a wide range of approaches to education and child development.  At Northstar, we are open to students and families of all backgrounds, however, we seek families whose philosophy about the most appropriate aims and methods of education is generally in line with Northstar’s approach.


Student applicants with siblings already enrolled in the school will be given greater admissions priority.


Applications will be considered in the order of the date they were submitted.  Since many of our grades are often full the sooner the applications is submitted the higher up that applicant is considered for admission.

None of these criteria are perfectly set in stone.  Northstar reserves the right to make admissions and waiting list decisions to best meet the needs of the students and the school, while being fair to all applicants.

* Note: Financial status or income are not admissions considerations.

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