Northstar School’s tuition rates are designed to make our educational offering affordable while providing the resources the school needs to deliver the high-quality education to which it is committed.

Below are tuition schedules for the upcoming academic year. (For information about financial assistance, click here.)

Tuition Rates for 2017-2018 Academic Year

Number of Students
1 Student
$680 / $6,800
2 Students
$1,230 / $12,300
3 Students
$1,755 / $17,550
4 Students
$2,290 / $22,900

Advance Payment Discount

Families can submit the entire year’s tuition in advance to receive a 3% discount off tuition.  This type of complete advance tuition payment makes things easier on the school administratively, and is more convenient for some families as well.

FACTS Tuition Management

facts-signupNorthstar uses FACTS, an online tuition management system.  Families may select from the following payment options:

  1. Ten monthly payments
  2. Two semi-annual payments
  3. One payment in full

There will be an annual charge of $40/family/year for anyone who selects option 1 of ten monthly payments.  There is a $10 fee/family/year for option 2, and there is no charge for option 3.