Northstar School’s tuition rates are designed to make our educational offering affordable while providing the resources the school needs to deliver the high-quality education to which it is committed.

Below are tuition schedules for the upcoming academic year. (For information about financial assistance, click here.)

Tuition Rates for 2018-2019 Academic Year

Number of Students
1 Student
$695 / $6,950
2 Students
$1,256 / $12,560
3 Students
$1,791 / $17,910
4 Students
$2,340 / $23,400

Northstar families can anticipate a tuition increase of approximately 2% each year, due to the rate of inflation, rising costs, and our continued efforts to retain and fairly compensate our teachers.

Advance Payment Discount

Families can submit the entire year’s tuition in advance to receive a 3% discount off tuition.  This type of complete advance tuition payment makes things easier on the school administratively, and is more convenient for some families as well.

FACTS Tuition Management

Northstar uses FACTS, an online tuition management system.  Families may select from the following payment options:

  1. Ten monthly payments
  2. One payment in full (for a 3% discount)

Families will receive a notification with instructions for how to access and set-up their FACTS account.