Northstar School is now looking for candidates to join its school administrative and leadership team.  We are looking for high-impact and talented people with a passion for education and community.  The areas of need are broad and diverse and positions can be tailored to match the most beneficial skills and experience of the best candidates.

The following qualities are required:

  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree
  • Experience in program development and organizational structures
  • Demonstrated ability to create plans, set objectives and achieve goals
  • Professional communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Organized, punctual and detail-oriented
  • A motivated self starter and able to keep to set schedule
  • The ability to work well with others
  • Love for children and a belief in the imperative of quality youth education

Skills or experience in any of the following areas are a major plus:

  • Bachelor’s or advanced degree in education
  • Experience with educational institutions
  • Academic affairs and curriculum development
  • Non-profit administration
  • Fundraising and donor management
  • Familiarity with traditional Islamic sciences
  • Event coordination
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing and social media

Northstar offers competitive compensation and benefits packages and a healthy, supportive, and enriching work environment.

–    Competitive salary, commensurate with experience and abilities
–    Enriching, positive work environment
–    Generous health, dental, and vision insurance coverage
–    401k retirement plans
–    Paid school breaks, national, and Islamic holidays
–    Tuition discounts for staff children
–    Career development reimbursements

* Both full-time and part-time options are available.
* Target start date is August 2014, but hiring decisions may be made as early as June, so apply now.

Interested candidates, please send your resume with cover letter to

(PDF announcement available here.)

Northstar School is a K-8th grade Islamic school in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded in 2002, Northstar has grown from a student body of 7 students, to one of over 130 diverse and eager, young Muslim learners. Northstar has earned a reputation as a pioneer and role model in Islamic schooling, employing a range of cutting edge and time-tested educational methods. With a dynamic curriculum that integrates classical Islamic sciences with a first-rate academic program, Northstar aims to nurture the “mind, body, and spirit” of its children.

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