Financial Agreement & Emergency Contact Form 2020-2021

Pre-K Students Only

To confirm your enrollment for 2020-2021 and secure the spot(s) offered to you by our admissions team, you will need to complete following two documents and read the 2020-2021 Pre-K Parent Handbook. Please note to expect additional modifications to the handbook, which shall include procedures around Covid safety. An updated handbook will be made available to all parents in August 2020.

(1) Financial Agreement Form

(2) Emergency Contact Form

Your enrollment deposit, which shall serve to cover the book and material fees, should have be paid prior to filling this Financial Agreement form. Upon completing the Financial Agreement, you will be automatically directed to the Emergency Contact Form.

The first month’s tuition payment will be processed on August 1, 2020 through FACTS.  Please let us know if you have any questions.


(1) Financial Agreement Form