For over a decade Northstar School has provided top-notch, barakah-filled education to the bright young Muslim minds and leaders of tomorrow. We are thrilled to have finally found a magnificent permanent campus to even more powerfully serve the Muslim community now and into the future, insha’Allah.

Alhamdulillah, by the generous grace of Allah, on Friday, July 15th, we closed escrow and completed the purchase of this spectacular 3.2-acre property which will serve as the school’s future new campus, insha’Allah! This is a tremendous and historic achievement in our school’s 14-year history, and we know the impact and fruits of this monumental accomplishment will be seen for many generations to come, insha’Allah.

THANK YOU HELPING US REACH THIS HISTORIC ACHIEVEMENT!  The realization of this once distant dream could not have been done without you, and we pray that Allah blesses all of you and your families immensely. Jazak Allahu khairan.

THE JOB IS NOT YET DONE. WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP.  Even as we celebrate this amazing achievement, we recognize that there is still a lot of work to do to finish funding the property and its preparation for use our new campus.  We are compelled to appeal for your continued help and support.

Lend your support to the creation of a spectacular new place for the flourishing of the minds and hearts of our children and community.

  • NS_-_Woodroe_Site_overhead_with_property_lines

    Overhead view with property lines

    An existing school in Hayward

  • 3.2 acres with 4 main buildings
  • 11,000 sq ft with space for additions
  • Mulitple existing, furnished classrooms
  • Multiple spacious playgrounds
  • Natural setting (trees, gardens, animals)
  • Park, lake, and trails next door
  • Central/accessible location (close to 580)
  • Already approved & permitted as a school
  • Beautiful setting with character & warmth
  • A place and project for the whole community

The purchase of this new campus will open huge possibilities for expanding the scope, quality, and impact of Northstar’s offerings to the community.  Some of the improved and expanded offerings and opportunities will be:

  • Nearby park and lake

    Nearby park and lake

    A preschool

  • Summer camps
  • Expanded after-school programs
  • Weekend programs
  • Parent education courses
  • Knowledge retreats and intensives
  • The space to grow and thrive
  • Purchase price: $3,900,000
  • Original target: $2,585,000 (Islamic loan down payment, closing costs, renovations, and operational budget)
  • Further details available upon request.  Contact
  • Make du’a for success
  • DONATE (cash/credit/check/pledge)
  • Loan funds (qardul hasana)
  • Spread the word!

The job is not done yet.


Northstar's Future Campus

Opening Fall 2016.  Contact for more details.