Support this blessed project!

Support this blessed project!

Finding a permanent site for Northstar School has been a goal since our humble beginnings in the one-room schoolhouse yurt September, 2002. Over the years, Northstar has moved several times leasing various facilities, while always dreaming of having a stable and permanent home for its students.

Having searched and looked at numerous properties over the years, we know well the tremendous challenge posed by finding a site that is ideally suited for a school as well as the particular needs and character of Northstar.

By the grace and divine opening of Allah (swt), Northstar now has the opportunity to purchase an amazing site that would provide the facilities and environment for Northstar to realize its dreams and powerfully serve the Muslim community now and for generations to come.

buildingplay dome

 May your generous donation become a source of sadaqa jariya for you. Ameen!


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