New Campus Endowment

Northstar School is looking for our community to sponsor a building, a playground, the library, a classroom, or simply a chair. Leave a legacy and earn the continuous reward, sadiqa jariyah, in this life and the next.   May Allah swt bless any person who donates may that person gain the rewards of each and every student that passes in the halls of the building reciting dhikr, plays joyfully in the playground, gains sacred knowledge in the classroom, and sits in the chair making dua.  Your gift is one that will make a difference in the life of a child and the fabric of the American Muslim youth of tomorrow.

Leave a legacy

Give generously to earn the reward of sadiqa jariyah!

$250,000 – Endow the main building of Northstar School


$100,000 – Endow a smaller school building

Building A - Front with ramp     Building B - Back and Playground

$75,000 – Endow the school library


$50,000 – Endow a large playground

Main playground

$25,000 – Endow a small playground

Playground swings


$10,000 – Endow a classroom

Vibrant classrooms

$1000 – Endow a chair


Sponsor a Chair

Sponsor a chair for $1000

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