Paint Night

with Nabeela Sajjad

Northstar School and Islamic Art Exhibit proudly present our first Sisters’ Paint Night on Wednesday, April 6th, from 6pm to 8pm at Falafel Corner in Fremont (map).  We will be guided by Sr. Nabeela Sajjad and painting the beautiful Islamic calligraphy shown on the right.  Sr. Nabeela has been painting Arabic calligraphy for 10 years. Sr. Nabeela has chosen an ayah for the first Northstar Paint Night because not only is it one of her favorite ayahs, but it is also one of the first paintings from her early years. Sr. Nabeela is inspired by the calligraphy of the renowned Chinese Calligrapher, Haji Noor, who was also her teacher. Finally in the words of Sr. Nabeela, “I love the meaning of this ayah.”  The fee is $30/registrant, In addition to covering all of your materials needed for the class, you will be making a small donation to Northstar School.


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