Uniform Guidelines

2023-2024 School Uniform Guidelines

Northstar School dress code is established to teach Islamic grooming and hygiene and to encourage modesty. School uniforms are required and students are expected to be in uniform everyday unless otherwise specified.

Girl’s Uniform:

  • Hunter green polo shirt or polo dress (Lands’ End)
  • Students in grades 5 through 8 are required to wear hunter green long-sleeved polo dresses purchased from Lands’ End. Polo dresses may be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
  • Khaki jumper (Kg-4th Grades)
  • Khaki uniform pants – uniform khaki pants required, leggings are not acceptable
  • Hunter green cardigan sweater
  • Hunter green or dark brown outerwear
  • Solid khaki or white Amira hijab (Required 5th-8th grade girls)
  • Black or brown shoes (colored tennis shoes, sandals, boots, or slippers are not permitted) Athletic shoes are permitted on P.E. days.

Boy’s Uniform:

  • Hunter green short/long sleeved polo shirt (collar required) for Kg – 5th Grades
  • Button down long sleeved white shirts for 6th – 8th Grades
  • Khaki uniform pants
  • Hunter green cardigan sweater or vest
  • Hunter green or dark brown outerwear
  • Black or brown shoes (colored tennis shoes, sandals, boots, or slippers are not permitted). Athletic shoes are permitted on P.E. days.

All Students:

  • All outerwear is subject to approval by the school staff and administration.
  • Logos, images, and closed hoodies are not permitted.
  • Shirts will have no pictures or writing on them. No TV related items will be allowed on school items including backpacks and classroom supplies.
  • Socks must be clean and worn by all students. Plain colored tights are acceptable for girls.
  • Leggings worn under jumpers must be uniform color and full length.
  • No type of makeup, tattoos, or nail polish is permitted.
  • Excessive use of jewelry is not permitted.


Lands’ End is the official provider of Northstar School Uniforms.  Our preferred school number is: 900143405. The Northstar School name and logo may be added to any uniform item for an additional $5.50.  Visit Northstar’s preferred page at Lands’ End.

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