Social Contract 2024-2025

Social Contract 2024-2025

  • The Messenger of Allah (sallalahu alayhi wa salam) teaches us that,“The best of you are the best in character.” In partnership with our school families, we share high expectations that students will act with respect, courtesy, kindness, and consideration towards others in accordance with our Prophetic tradition. As a school, we are committed to working towards providing a positive learning environment for all students. With the understanding that this is a partnership, we ask our school families to support these efforts by committing to the guidelines of the Social Contract below.    

    I understand all Northstar Students must:

    • Display good character
    • Be respectful to schoolmates, teachers, and adults in the school
    • Limit media exposure and screen time (internet, television, gaming, hand-held devices, social networking sites) 
    • Practice proper bathroom etiquette (istinja and washing of hands) 
    • Practice healthy eating habits as specified in the Parent/Student Handbook
    • Dress in proper uniform
    • Complete daily assignments including classwork and homework

    I understand as Northstar Parents, we must:

    • Match the home environment to the values taught at school
    • Bring students to school on-time and pick students up on-time
    • Be attentive and open to discussion if their child is disciplined at school
    • Attend mandatory parent meetings
    • Complete the required number of volunteer service hours
    • Abide by the school health and safety policies regarding my child’s well-being including but not limited to Covid-19 policies

    I understand the following are not allowed on the Northstar School Campus:

    • Use of inappropriate language
    • Inappropriate behavior including bad manners, hitting, or intentionally hurting others
    • Video games, toys, electronic devices, and cell phones
    • Media and gaming related items including backpacks, shoes, binders, and school supplies

    I understand all families are subject to a 40 days probationary period in which both the parents and the school assess if Northstar is a good match for their family. Northstar has the right to dismiss a family for violation of any of the above written rules during this time. I have read the above guidelines and have discussed the expectations with my child(ren).

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